Beginner Children's Martial Arts Classes NOW EnrollinG

If you’re looking for Kids Karate classes, look no further than Elite Freestyle Karate! Our action-packed children's classes are a great way for kids to experience the wonderful world of the Martial Arts, all while learning the very best self-defense program for kids.

For the past 20+ years, Elite Freestyle Karate's Children's Martial Arts classes in Winchester, Bedford, Reading, Concord and Arlington have helped thousands of children improve their confidence, focus, self-discipline, respect, and leadership in addition to invaluable life skills.

Perfect for any child, our classes are a great introduction into the Martial Arts for children. Led by world-class black belt instructors, our Children's Martial Arts classes are guaranteed to get your children excited about physical fitness! In fact, they’ll be having so much fun on the mat that they won’t even realize they’re learning important safety lessons that could someday save their lives!



Your Child Will Get A Kick Out Of Kids Karate

When you enroll your children into the children's Martial Arts classes at Elite Freestyle Karate, their self-confidence will soar into the stratosphere as we show them how to set goals, teach them how to achieve those goals, then reward them with tons of positive reinforcement!

Your child will have a blast learning all the fun martial arts moves, and as they do, they’ll be getting countless extra benefits that only the martial arts can offer. Just take a look:

  • Your children will get in great shape and have fun doing it
  • They’ll develop important self-defense skills and learn how to use them responsibly
  • We’ll teach them how to handle bullies and peer-pressure with ease
  • They’ll learn leadership skills that will serve them throughout their lives
  • Their attention spans and listening skills will improve, leading to success in school

The benefits go on and on. We’re always hearing from parents who tell us that they’re thrilled with the results they see in their children. We know you will be too!



The Children's Martial Arts classes at Elite Freestyle Karate have so much to offer your children. We like to think of our Children's Martial Arts classes as the perfect activity for kids because they’re loaded with benefits that your kids can enjoy their whole lives.


Now, we’re excited to announce brand-new Kids Karate classes starting this month. To find out more about this special offer, just complete the contact form on this page. When you do, we’ll give you all the details so you can take the next step and enroll your child in the Children's Martial Arts classes at Elite Freestyle Karate!

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