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Humility Week!

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

This week at Elite Freestyle Karate we are talking about humility and being humble. Humble people are well aware of themselves. They know their strengths and skills. They come across as confident and polite, yet firm in their beliefs and actions. People with humility don't feel the need to boast about the things they can do. An example of this is that of a great chef. The chef knows that he/she can create wonderful and tasty meals yet realizes that there are chefs out their who are better than they are. They never look down upon those that are still learning how to cook. They will always be willing to help whenever they can because they remember that once upon a time they too were once where the new cook is upon their culinary journey.

"Humility is the first rule of martial arts. Either you learn humility quickly, or you leave because your ego can't handle losing repeatedly"

-George St. Pierre

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