Elite Programs

Black Belt Club

The Elite Freestyle Karate Black Belt Club is for students committed to the goal of black belt. The Black Belt Club is the inner core of the dojo and represents what the school stands for. 99% of all students who reach Black Belt at Elite Freestyle Karate are members of the Black Belt Club. Be advised, that a black belt club membership does not guarantee a black belt one must still earn it.

Students who are interested in joining Black Belt Club must demonstrate these important qualities:

  • Display the qualities of "Black Belt Excellence" both inside and outside of the school.

  • Have a set goal of becoming a Black Belt.

  • Positive attitude in karate, school (work), and at home.

  • Dedication to the Martial Arts.

  • Students that are school age must get good grades and have good conduct and attitude with their parents and teachers.

  • Students must support school functions.

  • Students must have a good attendance record.

  • The students must have full support from his/her family.


1. Discounts on special events.
2. Special Black Belt Club classes.
3. Option of wearing a white or black uniform.
4. Black Belt Club patch.
5. Unlimited classes to help you reach your short and long term goals with confidence.
6. Increased confidence in handling problems and pressures at school, home, and work.
7. Knowing that one day you will be wearing an Elite Freestyle Karate Black Belt!
8. Having your future Black Belt displayed on the wall for everyone to see.
9. The Black Belt Club is both a club and a program for students who have set Black Belt as their goal. When you commit to black belt, we double our commitment to you!




Membership in the Elite Freestyle Karate Leadership team is to be taken seriously. Students in the leadership program are responsible for setting a positive example while in and out of class. They must display great virtues and dedication as a student and as a leader. This program helps students prepare themselves for necessary life skills to build themselves into a leader in everyday life. This includes becoming more adept at public speaking, reading out loud, and becoming more over all confident with presenting and expressing yourself. This program also includes more intensive and advanced martial arts training as it is extremely important to set a high standard for the lower ranked students in school.

The benefits of the leadership team include:

1. All the benefits of Black Belt Club
2. Elite Leadership classes
3. Elite Leadership Uniform
4. Leadership special events
5. Assisting in classes
6. Participation at special events


Elite Instructor Training


This team is designed to assist EFK's staff in helping out with classes as well as serve as a pre-requisite to becoming an official EFK instructor. Joining EIT does not automatically graduate a student to instructor level. It means you have fulfilled the pre-requisite requirement and will have the future opportunity to earn an instructor position.