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2024 Tournament 
Rules and Requirements

Board Breaking


Gear- Wooden boards and hand pads will be provided for all competitors.

Compulsory Breaks-

  • Beginner (White to Orange)

    1. Hammer Fist

    2. Front Kick

  • Novice (Blue to Purple/Red)

    1. Hammer Fist

    2. Side Kick or Front Kick

  • Advanced (Red through Brown)

    1.  Hammer Fist or Elbow no. 5

    2. Jump Front Kick or Thrusting Side Kick

  • Black Belt

    1. Two Board Hammer Fist or Superman Punch

    2. Spin Back Kick or Flying Side Kick

Judging- Each competitor will choose two breaks from the list for their rank. Board breaking will be judged upon the technique of the chosen breaks and the energy of the competitor. The score will be affected if the board is not broken. Each competitor is allowed two breaks. Final scores will be tallied by the sum of each judge’s score.  



Gear- NONE

Judging- All forms will be judged upon quality of moves. Quality will consist of, execution of technique, application of technique, balance, speed, power, solid stances, and focus. Curriculum forms will also be judged upon accuracy and knowledge of moves. Competitors will not be judged for their kata selection.  Competitors may select any traditional kata to perform from the following list: 

  • Taikyoku 

  • Heian Shodan 

  • Heian Nidan 

  • Heian Sandan 

  • Heian Yodan 

  • Heian Godan

Black belts may additionally select from the following list: 

  • Bassai Dai 

  • Kanku Dai 

  • Hangetsu 

  • Kanku Sho


Ranks- Blue and up, under ranked teens and adults at instructor discretion.

Gear- All gear must be in good repair and present at tournament (no missing gear)

Judging- Points are awarded live following clean contact and escape with one of the following techniques. The ‘Body’ area for contact is from Belt to shoulder and across the entire span of the ribs. Kicks or punches to the shoulder blades or spine will not be counted as body points. Contact with the arms will be considered a block. No contact with the head is permitted. Leg kicks will be counted from the above knee to hipbone, on either side of the quad.

  • Punch to Body 1- point.

  • Kick to Body – 1 point.

  • Leg Kicks – Advantage

If there is a clash of techniques no points are awarded. If both students fall on a takedown no points are awarded. If students are counter attacked no points are awarded. Each student will be assigned a color at the beginning of the match. A center judge will award points by announcing a point value followed by a color. Additional staff will record point totals and time for the center judge. Two additional wing judges will score the match separately. The winner will be announced based on a majority vote from each judge’s score, announced at the end of a match. In the event of a tie, the judges will award a decision based on control of the ring, counters landed, and primary aggressor.

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