• For the past 20+ years Elite Freestyle Karate & Fitness has helped thousands of children improve their Confidence, Focus, Self-Discipline, Respect & Leadership in addition to invaluable life skills in the Reading, Wilmington, Winchester, Lexington Massachusetts, and surrounding areas.
  • EFK programs are taught in a highly energetic, motivated, safe, fun and enjoyable state of the art facility.
  • We begin by teaching students valuable life skills in a positive family environment. Students will develop an overall winning attitude committed to goal setting and success.
  • Elite Freestyle Karate offers the most modern up to date training available for all age groups. Students will be equipped and prepared to face the challenges that await them in the real world today i.e. bullies, strangers, peer pressure, fitness & nutrition, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old does a child have to be to start?
  • Children can begin training as early as age 3. All of our classes are divided by age and experience.
  • When do sessions start?
  • Classes are enrolling now you can start today.
  • Is your schedule flexible?
  • Yes, we offer the most flexible class schedule Monday through Saturday

You are doing a great job teaching these kids life skills. I couldn't be happier with the confidence and self esteem that I am seeing in Alycia already.

As for fighting, her verbal and physical self defence skills are getting so good, she doesn't need to fight. I practice with her and pretend that I'm going to hit her. Sometimes I'll throw in a trick throw when she's focused on my other hand but she still is quick enough to deflect both blows. Her focus and reaction time is getting better constantly. You are teaching her to defend herself and stay out of trouble. That's what she needs in life more than anything.

Thank you very much for all that you do.


L Downs

Hi Gary,

I wanted to drop a note to let you know that Sebastian got into Brookwood School. Thank you very much, not only for filling out the 200 page evaluation, but for guiding and nurturing him each week in Karate. He is learning to focus and participate in large part due to your classes and patient teachers; and we are confident this played a part in the impression he made with the faculty at Brookwood.

He loves being there every week and it is a highlight for us as well.

See you Saturday.

M and M

Dear Shihan Gary,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the wonderful instructors and staff at EFK for an incredible show last night. It was our first experience attending a Black Belt Extravaganza and we were amazed, both by the poise, pride and confidence exuded by the candidates and the commitment by everyone at EFK to demonstrate their skills and provide an entertaining, exciting and memorable evening for the candidates and the crowd. Wow!

We feel so lucky to have found EFK and are thoroughly enjoying our son's participation in your quality program. Michael is so proud of what he's achieved so far, and can't wait to "chop wood like a black belt" (his words) some day. :-) We ran into another EFK family this morning who mentioned that their son could not wait to get back to the dojo today and get one step closer to earning his black belt after watching the Extravaganza. Michael was equally eager to go!

Thank you again. We are continually impressed with everyone we encounter and everything we see at EFK. We look forward to many great years with you.

Lauren’s family is very grateful to all of you for helping her to develop wonderful life skills and her love of karate. The reinforcement of these skills given in "the topic of the week" is great. I see more and more children raising their hands to respond to questions. So obviously, they understand the philosophy of the dojo. Please, continue the fantastic job that you do with each and everyone of them.

Thanks to all of you,

Lauren's family