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Goal Setting!

This week in class we are discussing goal setting. Goals are extremely important for personal growth and help students to develop their skills in new ways. As a leader, its important to not only keep goals for yourself, but also for those around you. Leading is about keeping your team motivated and clear goals are a great way to do that. When working on goals, we like to ensure students are following 3 important criteria.

Goals set must be

1) Measurable

2) Achievable

3) Specific

This week, lets get out there and try to set some new goals!


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Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith
Jan 12, 2023

Once I set a goal to have a large collection of cs go skins on Steam. Probably, few people will understand me because it really takes a lot of time and money, in addition, many of them still don't understand why csgo skins are needed. However, I recently finally bought m4a4 poseidon skin which I really like. It seems to me that it's really cool when you start to carry out some items from your plan.

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