Perseverance Week!

According to the Oxford dictionary, perseverance is a noun and it means doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Now let's talk about what perseverance breaks down to according to Sensei Nick.  Perseverance is when you keep on trying to achieve your goal, no matter what comes your way.  Nothing will stop you from achieving your goal and when I say nothing,  I MEAN NOTHING WILL STOP YOU!!! Let's go back in time to the life and times of Sensei Nick when I was learning how to ride my bike (many years ago of course!)  The first time I got on a bike without training wheels my dad was holding the back and when he let go, BOOM, I fell right off.  So I tried again, and again and again only to keep falling.  At one point I even crashed into a telephone pole!  No matter what though, I had set a goal to ride a bike with no training wheels and nothing was going to stop me.  I kept trying, fall after fall, crash after crash until, voila!!! I was riding my bike!!!! Look ma, no training wheels!! That is an example of perseverance.  You keep trying and you don't give up.  If you fall down 5 times, you get back up 6 times.  Even when you don't feel like you can, you make yourself do it and you dig deep down to persevere.  Perseverance!!!

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