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Respect Week!

Word of the Week this week is RESPECT! Not only is it a popular song by Aretha Franklin but its one of the key things taught in martial arts. Treating others kindly and with consideration to their feelings is the golden way of showing Respect. There are people who are close to us like family, coaches, teachers, and even some close friends that we hold in high regard due to their skills, roles in our lives and what they’ve accomplished that we see them differently. We aim to please, work hard for and most importantly not let down. Respect is something that is earned with time. Actions that are verbal and non-verbal play key roles in how we as people are perceived. If we want to be taken seriously and heard, we must learn to show that we can first listen, follow directions and be responsible. This week try to pay attention to who you are surrounded by and how you speak to them and vice versa. Try asking before taking, saying please and thank you more and give your full attention to conversations being had instead of zoning out. You’ll see the rewards for being respectful come back ten fold!


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